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Hiring a local design firm that has no expertise or understanding of the operational mandates of your business, your equipment or the regulations you must follow will, at the very best, get you a newer or larger version of exactly what you have now. We see this extremely costly mistake being made every day.
"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Red Adair (1915-2004) notable American oil well firefighter

The expertise we bring to the table is global, based on our experience of having inspected and designed similar facilities throughout the world. Whereas a less experienced firm would simply react to what they are told by a client, we can often suggest an entirely better or more compliant way of doing business.

We understand laboratory process flows and equipment specifications. We don't need to spend time (and ultimately client's money) attempting to learn the client's business and the requirements of their work environment. Acorn personnel essentially function as translators - we speak the language of the lab staff and we also speak the language of real estate brokers and general contractors. We function as a conduit to deliver what the client wants and needs.

Our areas of facilities expertise include:

Ambulatory Medical Dialysis & Infusion Centers Infectious Disease Testing Reference Labs
Blood Banks DNA Labs Labeling Rooms Research & Development
Blood/Apheresis Donor Rooms Environmental Chambers Microbiology Serology
Clean Rooms Flow Cytometry Molecular Diagnostics Stem Cell Labs
Component Manufacturing GLP Labs NAT Labs Toxicology
Controlled Environment Warehouse GMP& EMEA Labs Pathology Transfusion Medicine & Pheresis
Core Labs Hematopathology Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Triage Areas
Cytology Histocompatibility/HLA Phlebotomy & Central Processing Urinalysis

In addition we are familiar with designing and delivering the following types of administrative and support spaces:

Cafeterias Data Centers Offices Retail Store Fronts
Call Centers Fleet Maintenance Facilities Parking Structures Satellite Facilities
Conference and Training Centers High Bay Warehouses Physical Plant Shipping & Distribution

Acorn Development likely has more experience planning, designing and delivering blood related facilities (blood banking, blood manufacturing, blood distribution, blood collection, blood testing and related support spaces) than any other firm. Having worked in this industry ourselves, our expertise runs deep and enables us to contribute to numerous process improvements. As a result we have created BloodMatrix, the world's first and only interactive blood center planning and sizing software.

BloodMatrix graphically quantifies where your organization currently is in terms of size, how big your facilities should be to support your current level of thru-put, in a compliant manner, and defines how large a facility you need to support your future goals.

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